08 March 2011

Nail Delights - Nail Art Foil - Elven Gold

Since always I wanted to get my hands on some nail art foil and try it, so I was happy when I got it from Nail Delights. I choose two designs of foil - this one, called Elven Gold (what a bautiful name! :)) and English Rose - will use and publish it soon. Each "roll" of foil is enough for 2-3 manicure. It's really easy to apply it, I will publish a photo tutorial tomorrow. Anyway, in a few words - I already love nail art foils and yes, people, you should try this :) It's one of the easiest ways to the great look :)
Od zawsze chciałam dorwać w łapki i wypróbować jakąś folię na paznokcie, więc byłam uradowana, kiedy dostałam tę od Nail Delights. Wybrałam dwa wzory: ten, nazwany Elven Gold (jaka piękna nazwa! :)) i English Rose - użyję i pokażę wkrótce. Każda "rolka" folii wystarcza na 2-3 użycia. Naprawdę łatwo się ją aplikuje, co pokażę w tutorialu już jutro. W każdym razie, podsumowując - pokochałam już te folie i tak, powinnyście je wypróbować :) To jedna z najprostszych dróg do świetnego manicure'u :)

This product was sent to me for review. 


  1. wow...just wow...cant wait for the tutorial!


  2. Wow looks really nice!!! How long does the foil stay on or last?

  3. About 3 days with top coat, then it starts to chip. It's fourth day now and I'm still wearing it, cause base polish is so similar shade that chips are invisible :)

  4. very pretty! I have english rose too but I couldnt get it to work for the life of me. I hope u have better luck with it<3

  5. ja też jestem nimi zachwycona!!! szybko, wygodnie i ciekawie.

  6. ekstra, chyba muszę jakieś kupić :) i czekam na tutorial :D

  7. its fabulous.. did u put a top coat it?

  8. WOW THAT'S AMAZING. I want that.

  9. Aww this is so pretty! Can't wait for the tutorial. I'm not so familiar with foil nail art :D

    Following you now :D

  10. I have some that I never tried, I need to do it! So pretty!

  11. Thriszha - yes :)

    I know, it's just amazing, can't wait to try another one :D

  12. Jeeej!! You did it!! Nailfoils!

    Eleven gold is one of the foils I haven't tried yet. But the effect is very nice; it looks a bit like a sponge-effect!

    Can't wait to see English Rose; I have that one too, but not tried it yet! I almost bought all the nailfoils, so I have a lot to test, haha!



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