13 November 2010

Tara's Christmas Contest - my entry

Hi! It's my entry for Tara's Christmas Contest, what you can find here:
If you like my manicure, please, vote for me :) You have to follow Tara.
Thanks a lot!
Hej! Tym razem przedstawiam moją pracę na świąteczny konkurs Tary:
Jeśli Wam się podoba, proszę, zagłosujcie na mnie :) Musicie obserwować bloga Tary.
Dziękuję bardzo!


  1. Hi Great Blog,
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  2. Wow, that's amazing!! Great manicure!

  3. I think your entry is great! Please make sure that if you are voting, you are a follower of my blog or your vote will not count. Thanks!


  4. zagłosowałam nawet zanim wstawiłaś tego posta ;p
    mnie sie podoba

  5. Your nails look amazing :X. I can'y wait for mine to grow a little bigger and do the paper thing - I saw the tutorial a few days ago :D. Only one qs: are these ur natural nails ? If they're, how did they grow so much :-<. ?

  6. Yes, they're my natural :) Thanks a lot!
    Actually, I don't do anything special with them - I use Nailtek II as a base coat, remover without the acetone... And I avoid to wash up :D

  7. I really love it! I'm gonna vote!!!

  8. Wow! Świetnie Ci wyszły!

  9. pieknie:) aż mi dech zapiera jak patrze na Twoje pazurki


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