04 August 2011

♥ Thank God I'm a Woman! Nail Art Contest - Entries & Voting ♥

Time to see the all entries in my second Nail Art Contest! 
I know theme was really difficult and ambiguous, probably that's why I've received not so many entries as last time in Disney Nail Art Contest. There are 11 wonderful manicures and I already have my favs, but all of them are really great :) Remember - this time I'll give your two prizes! One winner will be chosen by you, and one by me. Well, let's see them!
Czas na opublikowanie wszystkich zgłoszeń w moim drugim konkursie!
Wiem, że tym razem temat był dość trudny i niejednoznaczny, prawdopodobnie dlatego otrzymałam dużo mniej zgłoszeń niż ostatnio, w przypadku konkursu Disney'owskiego. Mam tu 11 świetnych prac i już widzę kilka ulubionych, ale wszystkie są warte uwagi :) Pamiętajcie, że tym razem nagrody są dwie - jeden zwycięzca wybrany będzie przez Wasze głosy, a drugi - przeze mnie.
Zobaczmy więc zgłoszenia!

1. oczuchmurnosc
"Thumb - It is wonderful to be a woman and without any scruples and remorse sit on Wizaz.pl all day ;)
Index -We are more emotional than men, sensitivity makes each of us is unique!
Middle - In 'difficult days' I can cram sweets with impunity and no one will say that I can not ;)
Ring - I can paint nails, collect more new shades of blue, red and green, what guy will understand? :D
Pinkie - Heels, symbol of feminity, do you know a woman who doesn't dream about Louboutin? I don't!"
"I wanted my design to be super girly and feminine because that's the part that I like about being a woman. Getting prissy with makeup! If your lucky to have a special someone.... getting jewelry! Perhaps in a Tiffany & Co box? And vintage floral patterns always look so delicate and I love them! That is my look and I hope you like it. Please note that the inspiration for some of my designs (the lipstick & the diamond) were taken from The Illustrated Nail on Tumblr. So please give due credit. ;)"
"This nail art represents the woman I am and the various moods that only we have as women. I can be the sweetest (lightest) when I am happy and the most wildly angry if I am being biased against (darkest). We have the patience of a rock that is our strongest strength (represented by the glitter top coat). The butterfly represents our free spirit that though has a short life span will live life to its fullest."
"My inspiration was the very woman; flowers, because women love flowers and heels.
Model is a hand painted by me , with acrylic colors. When I think about women, I think the color white, the purity. I think also the pink, because women in general love pink , I think the high shoes, beauty and makeup. I tried to translate in my model a little of what it means to be a woman, I hope I succeeded..."
"Thanx God I'm a woman! I just like a flowers can show my mood. Can be happy and bright, look nice and fresh."
"I like being a woman because its all encompassing. A woman carries a child for nine months before giving birth, a new life is really wonderful, and displayed on the ring finger. You can be curvacious and should embrace a womanly figure, as on the index finger, especially when pregnant watching your body swell with the life of a child. portrayed on the little finger. The symbol on the index finger is maiden, mother, crone which are the three stages of woman-hood."
"Thanks God I’m a woman! I love myself but I don’t know why? So I ask my boyfriend why it is good to be women. He answer that we have so beautiful and cute eyes and those words were my inspiration. Woman’s face is so unique, sexy and mysterious. We can imitate all feelings and also create perfect masterpiece by doing make up! I’m so glad that I am a woman."
"I love to be a woman, because I wear the pink colour, rhinestones, polka dots without any restrictions! I was inspired by "the most famous woman of the world" - Barbie. In my manicure I used a theme from the MAC collection "Barbie Loves Mac". I chose the pink color and rhinestones, because Barbie loves them! I used some nail polishes, acrylic paints and stamps Bundle Monster - diamonds."
"I love the theme and at the beginning I thought, I will have 1000 ideas to bring this on my nails. But last week, as I sat down and did my nails, I didn't know what I should make. Finally I'm not very happy with the result, but that is the most beautiful thing that I love as a woman: Make-Up. I can dress me up and make me pretty. Its a kind of an art and I can impress myself with this. So, I paint all these lovely things on my nails: Blush, Mascara, Nail polish, an eyeshadow palette and a lipstick. Furthermore I took rosa as a background colour and pink glitters, because they are very girlie."
"The theme of this contest was so challenging! After a lot of thinking, I came up with Titanic, one of my favorite movies. Because as a girl, it's okay to love that movie without being frowned upon ;-) I freehanded the ship itself on my thumb and used a dotting tool and rhinestones to make Rose's Heart of the Ocean necklace on my ringfinger."
11. Laura McCarthy
 "I did this because I thank god I'm a woman because I can bear children. I have 3 beautiful children and they are my all. I thank god for the bond and the love I have with all of them. A man could not do this...:)"
So... Let's vote! // Głosujmy!

  1. Pick just one entry.
  2. You have to be my GFC follower if you want to vote.
  3. In form, I ask you about your e-mail - it will be used only for vote's confirmation.
  4. You can ask your friends for votes, but please, don't spam with this contest.
  5. You can vote only once per one GFC nickname or per one e-mail address.
11:59 PM, GTM +1:00 (Polish time)
  1. Wybierz tylko jedno zgłoszenie.
  2. Musisz być moim obserwatorem przez GFC, jeśli chcesz zagłosować.
  3. W formularzu proszę o e-mail - ma to służyć wyłącznie potwierdzeniu głosu.
  4. Możesz prosić znajomych o głosy, byle obyło się bez spamowania tymi linkami.
  5. Możesz głosować tylko raz na jeden nick i na jeden e-mail.
23:59 czasu polskiego



  1. Great, great entries ! You´re all so talented :)

  2. All designs represent women very well haha:) Nice entries ladies!

  3. OMG!! :O
    Thank you soo much for choosing my entry!! it means a lot to me! (Dancing) (and lots of Hugs) :)

  4. Kejal, I published all received entries :)

  5. Beautiful :)


  6. Great entries. Can you please rotate mine to the right as its not the right way up, sorry
    Thanks X

  7. Nooo, a miałam nadzieję, że coś wyślesz ;) Następnym razem będę Ci spamować o tym na blogu :D

  8. Good Luck to all that has been nominate..^_^..

  9. Can't wait for results.. So exciting

  10. I know I'm a little late to vote for this but, I wanted to t least comment because the entries are all SO cute!! And as I was reading the rules, I saw this: 11:59 PM, GTM +1:00 (Polish time) and read the word "Polish" with a short "o" sound, as in "Nail Polish" instead of "Polish as in Poland". LMAO!! Shows ya where my brain is!! LMAO


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